Internet of Things (IoT)

With IoT we connect your product with services in the cloud and make it even smarter! Through your customized IoT solution, you monitor, control and manage your product and generated data in a safe and clear manner. IoT offers innovative opportunities in all areas of our society. From production environment to healthcare, and from the automotive industry to our home environment. We create these IoT systems with associated app and cloud solution.

We are happy to innovate with you

We have just scratched the surface of all that stands to be developed. There is plenty of room for innovation. This means market opportunities! We like to help you with development of an IoT solution for your product. Projects we have worked on in recent years include the development of the Nefit Easy Wi-Fi room thermostat and and Clay wireless access control for Salto Systems electronic locks.

Internet of Things: What is it?

IoT means: connecting devices to the cloud so data can be exchanged. The term refers to the situation in which the majority of internet users will be intelligent devices. In the near future, computers controlled by people will be the minority. These intelligent devices will communicate with people and other objects via the cloud. Based on this communication, these intelligent devices will take their own decisions.

Addition to embedded systems development

For Inspiro, IoT is an addition to embedded systems development to add even more value to your product! An Inspiro IoT solution always consists of an embedded system and a cloud solution whether or not complemented with an app.

Development, implementation and maintenance

Can we be your partner? We take care of the entire process of developing, implementing and maintaining your total IoT solution.

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