Product Lifecycle Management

Every single solution we develop must perform optimally and continue to do so. That’s why we offer Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services. By PLM we mean all services that contribute to a long product lifespan with continuity, efficiency and cost saving as objectives.

Up-to-date components

For a long lifecycle it is important that all components of your product remain up-to-date. The older a product, the greater the chance that a component has been superseded or is no longer supported, or in other words has become obsolete. Our services ensure that products with such components remain saleable. We do this by looking for a drop-in replacement component. Or, if this is not possible, a replacement component in combination with a (minor) redesign.

Also, as result of the wordwide increase of production of electronic products, the allocation of certain components becomes more often a challenge. This can have a negative effect on lead times of series production. We analize the current and expected future situation, so that the right measures can be taken in time.

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