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Embedded Systems

Development of innovative products

Products are becoming increasingly intelligent and this is necessary to remain relevant in the market. Inspiro helps companies with the development of innovative products. We do this as a specialist in embedded systems development. The result: a distinctive product with unique functions and a lot of added value.

What is Embedded Systems development?

Development of an embedded system aims to add intelligence to a product. Embedded systems development is applied within a variety of markets. From the medical sector (pacemakers, hearing aids) and heating industry (smart room unit) to aviation and the automotive industry. More and more consumer equipment is gaining extra functionality through embedded intelligence.

The added value of Inspiro

As a design house we support companies in the manufacturing industry with development of smart, innovative products and solutions. We do this with knowledge of embedded softwareelectronicsprogrammable logic (VHDL/FPGA)system engineering and IoT. If desired, we also develop the housing (industrial/mechanical design). After delivery, we can cover production, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and software maintenance (SLA) as well.

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