Partner in Embedded Systems & IoT


We add intelligence to your product.

Are you developing a product which requires intelligence through microelectronics and software? Inspiro will be happy to partner with you in the development of embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We add intelligence to your product by applying microelectronics, embedded software & programmable logic (VHDL/FPGA) and connected cloud services (IoT).

Embedded Software

Products are becoming smarter and embedded software makes it possible! The amount and complexity of embedded software in products increases more and more. Inspiro is a specialist in embedded systems with a large software component.

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Electronics is the base of our solutions. If a solution can not be realized with standard hardware (Commercial off-the-shelf), we develop the electronics to customer specification.

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Programmable Logic

We use programmable logic by means of FPGAs in case of time-critical and demanding systems where the flexibility of software and robustness of hardware are necessary.

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System Engineering

System engineering is a must for an optimal solution in a controlled and interdisciplinary way. Robust, reliable and well maintainable.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

With IoT we connect your product with services in the cloud and make it even smarter! Through your customized IoT solution, you monitor, control and manage your product and generated data in a safe and clear manner. IoT offers innovative opportunities in all areas of our society. From production environment to healthcare, and from the automotive industry to our home environment. We create these IoT systems with associated app and cloud solution.


Do you want to outsource the development of a complete product? Do you need capacity and expertise in embedded systems development & IoT? Are you looking for a competent and reliable partner to take care of your hardware production needs? We can help you! Inspiro relieves its clients when it comes to embedded system development, IoT matters, and other challenges towards NPI and beyond, throughout the product lifecycle.

Are you bored but still alive?

Hardware Engineer

Inspiro is looking for an enthusiastic (senior) hardware engineer with a passion for electronics and associated software applied in products.

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Embedded Architect

For reinforcement Inspiro is looking for an enthusiastic and driven embedded software architect with a passion for embedded systems & IoT.

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Embedded Test Engineer

Inspiro is looking for an enthusiastic (senior) embedded test engineer with a passion for Embedded Systems & IoT development.

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Are you looking for a graduation assignment at bachelor or master level for your study (Technical) Informatics, Embedded Systems or Electronics (TCK)?

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Does your business need an intelligent product? Do you need expertise and capacity in the field of embedded systems & IoT development? Explore the possibilities with Inspiro. We would like to get in touch with you for an informal introduction!