DISCA 2018

Winner "Best Knowledge Supplier" 2018

Inspiro has been declared to the best industrial supplier 2018 of the Netherlands in the category Best Knowledge. VDL-ETG from Eindhoven took second place.

Dutch Industrial Supplier and Customer Awards 2018

The prize is one of the Dutch Industrial Supplier & Customer Awards 2018, an initiative by LINK Magazine in collaboration with ING and ISAH Business Software, which was awarded for the seventeenth time in succession. Unique to this prestigious award is that companies cannot nominate themselves, but must be nominated by their customers. Like other years participation was very good with a total of 382 nominations. Outsourcers nominated 187 suppliers in the two categories Best Knowledge (77) and Best Logistics (110). 195 outsourcers were nominated in the Best Customer category. As in previous years, the audience in the auditorium, largely consisting of industrial entrepreneurs and managers, played a decisive role in the final choice of the winner. They were given the choice of two finalists nominated by the jury and were able to vote for one candidate with their smartphone.

Link magazine BEST KNOWLEDGE Supplier Award 2018

Best Knowledge Supplier

In the category Best Knowledge Supplier, with Joes Wigman of Berenschot as jury chairman, 21 companies survived the first selection, because they were nominated by two or more outsourcers. Decisive in this category are an own R&D and engineering with which suppliers add knowledge to the end product of the customer. After an extensive assessment, five finalists remained, of whom VDL ETG and Inspiro had the best jury scores. After two live pitches by nominating customers in the room, an internet voting finally made the decisive decision in favor of Inspiro. A surprising result, according to pitcher André Besselink of Royal Eijkelkamp. “A runner-up and much smaller than VDL ETG. But very innovative, a company with which we have a partnership and put products together in the market.” Director Inspiro Jorn Rikkers was very happy with the award. “Especially because we are such a relatively small company. This proofs that our strategy is right!”

”This proofs that our strategy is right!”
Jorn Rikkers Inspiro
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