Connectivity & cyber security

"Better safe than sorry"

For a good IoT solution it is important that the exchange of information between devices and people takes place in a reliable, secure manner. Each (wireless) connection contains a potential risk of interception and misuse of information by malicious parties. As a result of the increasing internet connectivity of consumer and industrial products, this risk will only continue to grow in the future. Adequate security in IoT products is therefore increasingly important. We are happy to help you define the requirements and wishes as the base for selection and implemention of the appropriate technologies.

The right technology

Nowadays there is a variety of technologies available for communication between devices. In addition to the familiar Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, there are many other solutions possible, each one with its own characteristics/advantages. Selecting the right technology for your IoT solution depends on several factors: power consumption, indoor or outdoor use, volume of information being exchanged, countries where the solution will be used, etc. Through our experience with many technologies we can support you examine the options and choose the right solution to connect your product!

Security & privacy

With more and more devices that are interconnected and exchange information, hackers see it as a challenge to extract this information, change it or to abuse it in other ways. In addition, poorly protected IoT solutions are an ideal tool for hackers intent on attacking third-party servers. Consider a situation in which hackers take over large numbers of internet cameras and then use them to inundate a server – belonging to a bank or government agency for example – with connection requests until it is overloaded and goes offline, known as DDoS attack. Stories like this appear in the news regularly, showing that a product or brand has become the target of attacks by hackers.

This can, and should of course, be prevented. That is why it is necessary to consider during new product development which cyber security and privacy measures will be required. Aspects that require attention include data encryption, authentication of communicating persons or devices. Including the physical protection of information on a device, in case a potential hacker direct access to the software and/or electronics. If desired, we can have the security level validated by an independent security lab.