Software maintenance

Software requires maintenance! After a well completed software development phase, issues may still turn up or new wishes may arise. Due to the increasingly complex software structures, dependencies between systems through connectivity (IoT), more complex electronics and keeping security up-to-date, we always recommend a maintenance phase.

Secure swift problem solving

In case of performance and security issues, it is important to be able to solve them swiftly. Inspiro offers you the possibility to respond quickly and to roll out a fix after the actual development process. We do this by providing you support on the product software as a service, captured in a Service Level Agreement. We ensure that our engineers have the necessary in-depth knowledge of your product developed with Inspiro and keep it up-to-date. With a guaranteed resource availability, which is reserved in advance, we ensure that this knowledge can be used quickly to solve problems. This way a high degree of continuity, an efficient transition to NPI, and the lowest possible risk of customer dissatisfaction or even damage to your company image is achieved.

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