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Clay solutions

Wireless access control, with millions of users

Rick Voogt, founder of Clay solutions, had not expected thát when he started in 2012. A lot of new smart locks are activated every day. Worldwide!

The case

“Actually, the idea was very simple,” says Rick. “When I started on my own in 2012, there was not much wireless. People thought wireless access control was a scary idea. So we started with the SME’s. They are often more innovative than large companies. The advantages of wireless locks are convincing. All costs for wiring, labor and maintenance do not have to be made anymore.
But yes, we still had to develop the device.”

Collaborate with Inspiro

Rick was looking for a good party to work with. That was Inspiro. Inspiro has contributed with specialist knowledge to a well-functioning product. Rick: “Cooperation often took place at a distance. The 2 teams still had to synchronize in terms of method. We previously worked according to the Scrum principle. The Inspiro team has adjusted the working method and soon it was a fruitful collaboration between Amsterdam and Arnhem.”

Global expansion

Rick continues: “After a while, we wanted to bring the second version to the market. Inspiro was able to offer the project very sharp and accurate thanks to their experience and that was decisive for a collaboration with version 2.0.”

“In the meantime, our wireless solutions can be found worldwide. From Nairobi to Warsaw; Many new smart locks are activated every day! Thanks to the Clay IQ 2.0, Salto Systems (the parent company) strengthens its position as market leader in electronic locks.”

”A fruitful collaboration between Amsterdam and Arnhem”
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