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Blue current

The best charging stations

Blue Current has a mission: to accelerate the transition to electric driving. Their vision: you don’t want to move to charge, you want to charge where you are, always with a full battery on the road! A condition for success is ease of use and availability of charging stations.

Born out of necessity

In 2014 Arnoud Fontein started together with a partner Blue Current. Pure out of necessity. They both had an electric car and encountered the problem of too few charging stations. They wanted to deal with it right away. The charger must be equipped with various sensors for reading all possible data. Inspiro took care of the software design and the hardware during development. The big challenge was to keep the sensitive circuit boards working safely with the large capacity with which the cars are being charged.

Co-development from one location

Arnoud: “Inspiro started the project from the Blue Current office. Therefore much consultation was possible. This way of cooperation is very pleasant.

They also helped with the CE certification by ensuring compliance with the Low Voltage Directive (2006/95 / EC) and the EMC Directive (2004/108 / EC). ”

Arnoud continues: “What I find particularly useful is that Inspiro has various disciplines in house with employees who deliver high quality. A nice combination.”


The charging stations are now out of the development phase. They are now fully placed at various locations in the Netherlands. And the future? Arnoud: “We are already working on the question: what if everyone has an electric car and we all want to load at the same time? What does that require of a charging station? Of course, together with Inspiro, we ensure that we are prepared for this. “

”Inspiro has all embedded and IoT disciplines in house. That's very nice!”
Arnoud Fontein Blue current
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